Rotary Unions

Fluid transmission include water, oil, coolant, gas, MQL, etc

Rotary unions is a precision mechanical device that allows transfer gas and fluid from the rotating structure to the stationary structure, the rotary joint is also called rotary swivels, rotary couplings, rotating joint, to achieve 360-degree rotation and does not influence the medium transmission.

  • CGS Series Rotary Union

    cgs rotary union is a mechanical seal rotary unions with carbon graphite seals, high speed, low pressure.
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    CGY Series Rotary Union

    cgy rotary union is for high pressure and low speed applications, stainless steel structure.
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    water rotary union

    H Series Rotary Union

    The H series rotary joint is intended for cooling water, with zero leakage and long lasting performance.
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  • pneumatic rotary union

    MP Pneumatic Rotary Union

    This series rotary unions are available in 2, 3, 4... 24 passage models. Design for air / vaccum / gas in the rotating system.

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  • CMR Pneumatic Rotary Union

    The CMR series rotary union is structured for the equipment such as air, inert gas which need very low torque.

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    hydraulic rotary union

    Hydraulic Rotary Union

    MP-H series multiple passage rotary unions with 2 ~16 channel for media transfer, design for Oil, Water, Coolant transmission in rotating system.
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  • low torque rotary union

    MQR Rotary Union(3000RPM)

    The mqr series rotary union is structured for the equipment such as air, inert gas which need very low torque, metal seal, M5 connection, equivalent unit (SMC).
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    thru bore rotary union

    Through Bore Rotary Union

    Through bore rotary union is designed for single and multi-passage rotary union.10-260mm through bore, for pneumatic and hydraulic media.
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    High Speed Rotary Union

    CSM high speed rotary union with high pressure, multi passage, very low torque. Mainly used for hydraulic oil / gas transfer.
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  • custom rotary union

    Custom Rotary Union

    If the variety of our standard rotary unions isn't quite what you're looking for, Cosmau specializes in custom designs for your application.
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